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166 Lawrence Road SALEM NH 03079 USA

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Company Description

Now a days farming is very high tech. It takes more knowledge and experience verses the indiscriminate use of chemicals. As an agriculture scientist, I am paying attention, know the growth areas, and know what the consumer wants and the planet needs. Our firm AgriInfotech, Inc. ( have been producing organic nontoxic products for almost twenty years.

We are constantly researching new products, working closely with several land grant universities
, USDA, and our many cooperators performing field trials. It is a continuous process.

In the last few months, we rel
eased six different botanical products.  These six different formulations are neem oil, pungam oil, NeemKaranjMix, Botanical extracts FC100 (First Herbal Fungicide), IC 100 (Herbal extract used as insecticide) and hydrolyzed protein (Elicitor). These botanicals products have become our best sellers worldwide. They are all inclusive, multi-functional, 100% natural and perfect fit for cost effective and environmental safe pest management. Cotton seed (Ecofriendly) cotton seed oil, Neem oil, pungam oil, Sesame oil are manufactured in our own unit in India. I can support and extending my domain strength back of the product. Karanj oil also very promising in controlling insects and diseases.

We can supply high quality agricultural ferti
lizer products too. Please visit for more details.  I am very optimistic we are very soon work together to explore this opporunity.


Dr.Ilangovan Ramasamy<

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