SINSAN Co., Ltd.

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365-7 Sinhwa-ri
Ulsan 689-815

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Company Description

Apr., 2006 Company name renamed as 'Sinsan Co., Ltd.
Dec., 2005 Water Treatment Unit manufactur
ed and supplied to Cuba Electric Power Service
Sep., 2004 Registerd as a supplier for Korea National Oil Corporation
n., 2004 Registered as a bidder for Public Procurement Service, Defense Procurement Agency, Korean Army Headquarters

. Using a cutting-edge water processing technology introduced from GE, a US global company, Our products are engineered and manufuctured by Sinsan engineers and supplied to our customers.

2. Our product can filter water up to 98 percent purity a
nd is suitable for a process requiring high-quality water

3. Our water processing facitlity is easy to operate and sim
ple to maintain due to its compact and durable design.

4. Our water processing facility can be manufactured as a porta
ble product.

5. We have various types of product models to meet the varied cutomer requirements

Note: You sho
uld confer with our engineers first since our system is to be constructed only after deciding on the pre-treatment facility type and specifications according to the water quality(turbidity, conductivity)of each area

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