Soojung Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd.

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35-1 Hongje 4-dong
Seoul 120-094

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Company Description

Our company, Soojung Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing the components of TRANS for SMP, Line Filter, Inductor, Choke and coil since our company was founded in 1973.
Our Products, on the basis of high-qualit
y new technique, are cutting a fine figure and ceaselessly improving in all areas of the components related to information and Communication devices, which are growing day by day at the market of the inside and outside of the country, and the electronic products such like C-TV, PDP, Monitor, VCR, PC and so on.

In the rapid change and environment of electronics industry,
to build up the competitiveness, Soojung Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd. is not only making a constant effort to develop the new product but also maintaining and controling the quality system continuously by acquiring ISO and 100PPM certification.

ll our employees on being united together in perfect harmony are vigorously moving forward to the primary challenge of our company, which is to achieve the Single PPM(receive the Single PPM approval) that is the new millennium goal of our company and to create the Maker of the high-tech components by developing the new technique, on the basis of 'Ingenuity and Challenge' and 'Quality First and A Position of Advantage in Competition, Which are the motto and business policy of our company, respectively.<
In the information age of keen and  limitless competition, Soojung Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd.
will make
its utmost efforts to have customer satisfaction come true quickly and accurately. Please give your generous support and encouragement to us.

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