Givana Pte Ltd

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Blk 8 Yung Kuang Rd #02-58 610008

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Company Description

The name is extracted from an animation movie of an unknown ship. This ship called Nirvana is a loner who travels around the galaxies to search for a way home. During the journey, Nirvana had a lot of obstacle before reaching home. Yet Nirvana try all the best to overcome all the obstacles. Therefore I name the company as Givana due to copyright problem i change the name but having the same spirit.

Description of business

Givana markets and sells its own lab
el of handy e.g. cross stitches, friendship bands, necklaces, earrings, key chains, etc. The brand name of the line is Givana.

Givana also will be conducting teaching courses as this kind of art of hand craft able to enhance it own personal and

Givana is a retailer which is a sole proprietor. Due to the limited start up capital, it is mobile and has n
o business location.Therefore the location will be a home base concept.


There is no doubt that we
are competing against competitors who currently selling almost alike or same type of accessories together with other services. Therefore we need to effectively compete against our competitors by selling more variety of accessories and allowing customers able to pick their own choice of accessories and have them tailored. In order to attract customers our selling price are much lower compared to our competitors.

After a further research on the market, I found out that for some outlet, you have
to purchase an item if not the sales person wouldn?t let you go. As for us, we would ask questions regarding the type of accessories they want and give recommendation to them.

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