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Company Description

We offer you the mineral water with trade mark AQUA TRAKIA

Choosing AQUA TRAKIA, you are choosing the ELIXIR OF LIFE

The natural mineral water AQUA TRAKIA is an exceptional combination of healthy qualities and good taste. It springs out from depth of 500m., and it comes to you in its natural state.

The natural mineral water AQUA TRAKIA is obtained from source Vojvodinovo which is situated in the heart of Golden Thrace. With its balanced and stable physic-chemical composition the water AQUA TRAKIA can be used daily as a natural mineral water and also it can be used for prevention and therapy.

The natural mineral water AQUA TRAKIA has a good influence on the following diseases: renal and urologic diseases; gastrointestinal diseases (chronic gastritis, gastroduodenitis, ulcer, enterocolitis, post operative conditions etc.); biliary and hepatic diseases; metabolism and endocrine diseases (gout, diabetes); chronic professional intoxication and for people exposed to hazardous substances (lead, radionuclides, toxic substances from the pharmaceutical industry etc.).


The natural mineral water AQUA TRAKIA has the following certificates:

a) Certificate No 59/07.11.2001 issued by the Ministry of healthcare;

b) Certificate from FRESENIUS INSTITUTE GERMANY, DIN 38402, Pr. No 102TW68436/2002

c) Kosher Certificate issued on 11.02.2004.

d) EN ISO 9001:2000

e) HACCP ELOT 1416

The natural mineral water AQUA TRAKIA is bottled in the immediate vicinity of the spring by hi-tech, fully automated equipment, which guarantees the quality of production and the preservation of all the healthy properties of the water.

TRAKIA WATER JSCo is a Swiss - Bulgarian company, registered by resolution No 12529, dated: 20.12.2002 of Plovdiv District Court, Bulgaria. The main scope of activities of the company is:

Bottling of natural mineral water;

Bottling soda water;

Production of soft drinks.

The company owns a modern bottling factory, furnished with hi-tech, fully automated equipment.

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