Phicom Corporation

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#60-29 Gasandong Keumcheon Seoul 153801

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Company Description

Phicom Corporation founded in 1979 has manufactured Probe Card, MEMS Card, Probe Unit, MEMS Unit, Probe Station which are testing devices of semiconductor and LCD panel and bone conduction headset for consumer market. In 2003, Phicom developed Bone conduction headset and patented a bone conduction transducer. The first model, vibration headset ?well.e? came out in 2003 and next model, bone conduction wireless headphone, JOY-10 came out in 2005, which was supplied to Korean Senior Welfare Associations. In 2006, Phicom developed a new model, alljoy.
alljoy is bone conduction wireless headset which
delivers sounds to the auditory nerves directly. alljoy(AH510M, AH510) is helpful for people who have hearing problem including elderly and hearing impaired people. It is very useful for listening to music and watching TV without hearing aids because it offers clearer electronic sounds than normal hearing aids. Also you can enjoy communication with your family and friends with microphone function. If you feel inconvenience when using normal headphones or earphones, you would be satisfied with comfortable fit and protection of ears of alljoy (AG110) because it doesn?t cover your ears and damage the eardrum. When you connect it to TV, Audio, MP3 player, CD player or etc, you can enjoy sounds without hearing loss.

* New Bone conductio
n headset
  1. Brand : Alljoy
  2. Model : AG110, AH510, AH510M

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