Sunchang Town Ltd.

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308-1 Baeksan-ri
Jeollabuk-do 595-804

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Company Description

Sunchang Town Ltd. is a company specializing in manufacturing and selling Taeyangcho red pepper paste, Sigoljib soybean paste, Sigoljib Ssamjang (mixed soybean paste with red pepper paste) and Jin soy sauce for restaurants and with the spirit of a master in the pure and clean Sunchang village.

With the best in quality, an inexpensive price, a
nd distinctive business policy, Sunchang Town blows a fresh wind into the traditional market. It will do its best to provide its customers with more delicious but less expensive pastes and sauce in the future.

Traditional red pepper paste is gre
at in nutritional values and in good harmony mixed altogether with protein and savory odor from soybeans, with sugar and sweet taste from such carbohydrates such glutinous rice, non-glutinous rice and barley, with a red color and hot taste from powdered red pepper, and with a salty taste by the soy sauce and salt used for its saltiness.

Red pepper paste made in Sunchang
is said to have been offered up to kings as a tribute. It has a unique taste and flavor. If red pepper paste is made with the same recipe and by the same person in the same way, but in a place other than Sunchang, the taste and flavor are not same as that made in Sunchang. Probably, because its taste and flavor may come from the harmony between unpolluted water and found in Sunchang.

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