Chang Xing Yi Lun Textile Co., Ltd.

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Shui kou Economic Development Zone
Huzhou Zhejiang
[Zip/Postal Code:313100]

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Company Description

Chang Xing Yi Lun Textile CO., LTD is a wholly-foreign exclusively investment with a total investment of 1. 4 million U. S. Dollars. Companies located in the beautiful scenery of the Changxing County intake industrial incubator township park, covering a total area of 7, 000 square metres. 80 million investment in a phase of the project was successfully commissioned in November 2005, the second phase project investments 600, 000 U. S. Dollars, the project was commenced in March 2006, by the end of June 2006 officially go into production. Phase II production lines in operation year after production capacity reach to 3, 500 tons of polypropylene fabrics, and achieve output to 50 million yuan.

The company is specializing in the manufacturing of PP spun-bonded nonwoven fabric, the refined oil products is the raw material polypropylene products subsidiary. The new products compared with traditional nonwoven fabric in the performance, use, environmental protection and other areas has more advantages. It's a new type of green - textile products and in many application areas have gradually replaced by plastic sheeting and chemical fiber cloth products, and customers are favored. After high temperature the materials were sprayed into thin filaments then though high-temperature hot rolling to cloth. Clean, small noise production workshops, which have no poison to the production line workers.

The products are mainly used in health materials, medicinal materials, packaging, bedding, sofa materials, Shoe, waterproofing materials, motor vehicles, and other areas.

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