Dookyung S.P.Co., Ltd.

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122-5 Onsu-Dong Guro-Gu Seoul 152-905

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Company Description

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      <p class="text1">We are one of the lea
ding Kitchenware Manufactures &
        Exporters in Korea.<br>
p;       <br>
        Acquired the "Q
uality Assurance Certificate" from the center
        of Far Infrared Applied
Estimation of the KICM first the among the Kitchenware
        Industry in Korea.
(Far Infrared Radiation & Antibacterial Effect)</p>
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;<span class="text1"><br>
        Won't you try our capability & re
liability by providing us with some</span>
        inquiries for our own mod
els (SUPRA, WINS, WINSPEOPLE) or of your own
        OEM design?
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We will arrange the best quotation promptly, receipt of your inquiries, with the

samples for you evaluation in due course.<br>
We hope that you are interested in Quality, prices
, and Deliever of our new products
line, lookforward to building up good business relations long term with you.

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