Delaval Seggi Co., Ltd.

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3Th FL Dookyung Building
66-1 Hannam-dong
Yongsan-gu Seoul 140-210

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Company Description

The story of DeLaval began in 1878 when Gustaf de Laval (1845 ? 1913) invents the cream separator that revolutionises dairy production. Gustaf de Laval was not only an outstanding inventor he was a man who saw no limitations to what could be achieved by research. He had a will to improve not only machines, but the very conditions of living. He firmly believed that it is possible to make a difference.

At DeLaval we continue to work on the farmers' behalf, striving to
make a difference, by finding new ways and solutions to drive progress in our special field ? milk production. We aim to improve milk quality, food production, animal welfare and the environment of both animal and milker.

Most of our research is
conducted at our demonstration farms, Hamra Farm in Sweden and DDI in the USA.Hamra Farm has been a model farm ever since Gustaf de Laval bought it in 1894. Research has been ongoing from that time and it was here the very first TB free milk was produced in Sweden as early as in 1901. At Hamra Farm we run a VMS barn that house 60 cows that milk themselves two to three times a day.

DDI is an 850-cow state-of-the-art dairy farm. Both Hamra Farm and DDI are designed to be cutting edge farms for
producing milk and evaluating new technologies. DDI is equipped with an anaerobic methane digester, which means that there is literally no manure smell. The solid manure phase can be composted and used for soil improvement. The liquid phase is easily irrigated on to the fields, reducing the need for artificial fertilisers and completing the re-circulation of nutrients. The farm is equipped to produce its own electricity! The methane gas produced by the manure digester is converted to electricity, enough to cover the farms needs ? and, eventually, even to sell to external users.

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