Hong Young Food Co., Ltd.

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559-15 Joongsan-ri
Iwol-myun Jinchon-gun Chungcheongbuk-do 123-456

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Company Description

President Message Hello! Hongyoung food company would like to devote to the improvement of the human health and eating habit by the production of better food, on the basis of "love and honesty" According to the spirit of the enterprise, in which social development and employee's prosperity are seriously considered, Hongyoung food will try best to be a company corresponding with society interest by paying all the effort to make scientific health food.

As the proverb
goes, a proper eating habit has been regarded even as medicine. Thus, the best way to keep one's health could be aintaining a proper daily eating habit properly. However, a rapid expansion in the food industry forced people's eating habit to change into overeating of high caloric foods and unbalanced diet in favor of a few likes.

This consequently impaired people's nut
ritional balance seriously, and now the issue of nutritional disorder came to a head of public discussion. Our effort to relieve the problem, in collaboration with the National Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology(NIAST), Rural Development Administration(RDA), finally bore fruits, After several years of research, we now manufactured powdery mulberry leaves, which were applied for patent in Japan, USA, and Canada as well as Korea.

We are proud to have an oppertunity to contribute the
health of all the nations of the world by manufacturing powdery mulberry leaves. Thanks you!

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