Geobionics, Inc.

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6F Evian Bldg
1679-6 Seocho 1-dong Seocho Seoul

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Company Description

We are bio Technology venture company lead air purification system.
A world first technology o
wned company which enable generate Oxygen,
simultaneously remove acidic gas and carbon dioxide.
A service company promo
te human health and improve living environment  through environment development technology.

The product inf
ormation is as follows;

1.Summary of Capacity
- Air purification action with oxygen generation
- Removal of Ca
rbon Dioxide
- Removal of Sulfur Oxides
- Removal of Nitrogen Oxides
- Removal of Formaldehyde

2.Product d
evelopment background
: Air-cleaning technology using oxygen-
generating materials in special equipment has been used
by NASA to enhance astronaut's
breathing. We has developed this into a more convenient and safer technology that can be use
d in everyday life

3. Applicable Area
: Children, students, new-born babies,patients, seniors. Living necessaries
of locations where ventilation and aeration conditions are poor
Removal of stink, protecting from drowsy driving, suffocat
ion, headache due to increase of oxides & carbon dioxide in the car.

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