Chung Bo Health Co., Ltd.

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169-1 Hwanggang-ri
Gyeongsangbuk-do 770-864

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Company Description

Insam saponins, the major effective compounds in Insam, are called gisenosides.

Compared t
o saponins found in other plants, they have quite different chemical structure and effect as well. By virtue of modern analytical technology, chemical structure of about 30 Insam saponins have been identified by KOREA INSAM so far. Based on therir chemical structure, 19, 10 ans 1 saponin compounds are classified into 3 groups, photopanaxadiol(PD). protoapanaxatriol(PT), and pleanane, respectively.

The number of total saponin compounds in KOREA INSAM(30) is far more than that of American ginseng
(14) and Chinese ginseng(15).

Because these ginsenosides have different pharmachological effects, respectively, KOREA
INSAM is the most superior in properties of medicine.

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