Rectuson Co., Ltd.

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1121-9 Jung-ri
Naeseo-up Masan Gyeongsangnam-do 630-729

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Company Description

Welcome to our website.

RECTUSON was established in the hope of playing a leading role in
the Measurement & Analysis of various analog signals, such as temperature, pressure, noise and vibration.

Our compan
y has focused on developing hardware for signal measurement and creating software for data analysis since July 2000.

ow we are prepared to provide you with total systems consisting of hardware & software for measurement and analysis. Our hardware products include LAN-interface data acquisition devices, PCI-type A/D, D/A, DSP boards, and data recorders. The software is designed for signal processing & analysis, including high-speed multi-channel data acquisition, real-time frequency analysis, and order tracking analysis in rotating bodies.
In addition, we provide customized applications and even hardware. Currentl
y, we are developing real-time data communications and remote control systems over Ethernet.

We always put our custom
ers first. In order to satisfy customers, we are devoted to doing our best to improve our products and applications.

Again, thank you very much for your visit to our website.

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