Pharm Chemical

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Company Description

Pharm Chemical is a large manufacturer union of pharmaceuticals, nutrition supplements, intermediates and chemicals, it is established in 2000. Pharm Chemical have been a strong manufacturing partner of Shanghai Lansheng Corporation also, most of products have been exported to all over the world by Shanghai Lansheng Corporation.

Approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government and established in October 1994, Shanghai Lansheng (Group) Corporation is the first large-scale state-owned group of enterprises named after its manager -- Mr. Zhang Lansheng. According to the requirements in modern enterprise system, a group corporation should be an industrialized and internationalized conglomerate, developing itself gradually into an entity consisting of foreign trade, industry, science & technology, finance, commerce, real estate, tourism and transportation, with diversified ownership and multilevel structures. The group corp. will be a large-scale mainstay conglomerate qualified to compete internationally.

Lansheng Group mainly engages in import and export, and its business scope also covers areas such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals manufacturing industry, bio-pharmaceutical research and development, international transportation, real estate and hotel management, hi-technology investment, service trade, etc. Currently it has nine subsidiary enterprises, including Shanghai Lansheng corporation.

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