Samjung Inverter Co., Ltd.

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9-37 Yeokchon-dong Eunpyung-gu Seoul 122-070

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Company Description

Since 1983, SAMJUNG has been one of the largest lighting companies in Korean market and has created a boom especially in Desk lamp with using inverter circuit as the first in Korea.

For the past years, we have been th
inking brightness of lighting only from base of a kerosene & incandescent electric lamp to fluorescent.
However, with eleva
te the standard of one's living, we strongly believe it is time to care about the brightness, function, design of lighting. As above the reasons, new development is house lighting of SAMJUNG INVERTER CO.LTD. Having adopted the inverter circuit eliminated flashing in the our lamps, your eyes will not be fatigue under the lamp for long time use, and thus your eyesight will be protected will.
Even more , recently we developed SAMJUNG EYE-ON Desk Lamp which helps away from light dazzling and minimizes e
yes' fatigue with using ion circuit.
With our company belief, "For one's better and healthy life", we also developed SAMJUN
In the future our air is very becoming intensified by various kinds pollutions, so we try to solve the ever-
serious air pollutions.
All of our products will help you keep better and healthy life.

We await your right choic

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