Instron Korea Co., Ltd.

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4th Floor. Santan Bldg
947-7 Daechi-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul 135280

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Company Description

Instron operates 35 offices in 17 countries, with a team of professionals (1,200 employees) speaking more than 20 languages. As a result, new technologies, such as digital control and digital image metrology, developed in one industrial market are quickly introduced to our material scientists and engineers worldwide. This technical literacy combined with worldwide resources enables us to develop solutions to a wide range of customer problems.

Instron is a company wit
h sales of approximately $200 million worldwide. Since the founding of Instron in 1946, our operating philosophy is to support and protect our customers' investment in our systems.

To lead in advancing material and components testing techniques
by supplying instrumentation, support services and expertise for testing materials, products and structures.

The Corpo
ration exists for the benefit of its stakeholders, customers and employees worldwide. It will operate with high ethical and moral standards throughout the world.

Instron strives to provide an environment in which employees will find their employ
ment a challenging and rewarding experience. Stability of employment and personal development of all our employees is an important corporate objective that is given due consideration with our other goals.

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