Telestar Co., Ltd.

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Rm717 Songnae leaderstel
447 Sang-dong
Wonmi-gu Bucheon-si Gyeonggi-do 420-816

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Company Description

It is a great pleasure to contact our customers through our home site.
The philosophy of Telest
ar Co., Ltd. since established in 1991 is a "Ask for the quality".
From engineering to pricing, to quality, to service, we
know that our products, satellite video receiver, are the best value you'll find.
Specially in relation with quality contr
ol, main components of individual receivers are being tested using real time analyzer prior to assembling.

Once assemb
led, every receivers are tested individually to ensure durability and continuous high quality performance and inspected for craftsmanship before leaving the factory.

In essence, we are not promoting merely satellite receiver products, we are pro
moting quality.
We believe that the minimal expense of building in quality up front will save you many times over in potent
ial service and replacement costs over the life of the products.
You can find an exciting new concept in satellite video re
ceiver from Telestar Co.,Ltd. bringing a whole new approach to putting quality in satellite system.

from now, we are t
urning our target to digital multimedia technology and will be a new frontier in this area based on lot of experiences since analog generation.

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