Fuzenba Corporation

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United StatesUnited States
No. 155
Tianyang St.
Hengshan Shiang
Taiwan 312

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Company Description

FUZENBA CORPORATION is a manufacturer and exporter, located

in Taiwan's highly acclaimed Hsinchu Hsien (Science Park).

We specialize in industrial control and measuring

equipment, with products like: mechanical counters, digital

counters, timers, controllers, meters, tachometers and

sensors. Both OEM and ODM versions of all our products can

be supplied to customers.

FUZENBA CORPORATION has expanded in 2002, with the purpose

of being able to serve all our customers faster and more

efficiently. We are committed to our company policy of

quality products, service excellence and competitive prices.

If you need any special product of have any query, please

feel free to send us an e-mail or contact us directly. All

members of our team will do their best to serve you and

will put you in contact with the relevant agents or


FUZENBA has the best engineers and production teams. We

look forward to be of service to you in the near future.
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