IncomeKorea Ltd.

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359-5 Neungpyung-ri
Opo-ub Gwangju-si
Gyeonggi-do 464-921

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Company Description

Since 2003, IncomeKorea has grown as one of the fastest growing golf companies in the Korean peninsula. With abundant experiences and know-how just in the golf industry, we have been providing the best service to our customers in many different ways.

From the Golf related sales to business counseling, we know all about golf. In June 2005, we
made our imagination come true. InGrip was a dream grip that we'd had in our minds for years and it took us 2 years to make it come out to the world. Since launching, we have been amazed by our customer's feedbacks and reviews. Because InGrip's innovative shape solves all the problems caused by the old-fashioned grips.

InGrip is just different from the conventional gr
ips. As a grip manufacturer, we are not only staying for the local market, but also we are moving forward to accomplish our goal. We are a brand new engine ready to go. Everyday is a new day for us. Why don't you join us?  

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