JR World Trading, LLC.

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Colonia NJ

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United States Near New York City

Company Description

JR WORLD TRADING, LLC is a trading company servicing honest importers, distributors, traders, agents and government needs in various countries. We have been in business for 15 years and would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

We represent several large manufacturers with high annual production output. Our relationship with these manufacturers allows us the flexibility to execute both large and smaller orders across a wide range of product requirements. We are a full-service agent with primary focus on detail and quality. Our company offers you the opportunity to diversify your product portfolio.

We look forward to creating a mutually beneficiary long-term business relationship with you.

We can offer the following products:

Brazil: coconut products; fruit pastes, marmalade, jellies; milk products; coffee; tropical nectars & juices; cookies; fruit pulp concentrate and puree; corned beef, frozen meat, leather; breakfast cereals; chocolates; candies; shrimp. China: salted cod and pollock; tomato paste; corn oil; starch. Chile: frozen vegetables. Turkey & Canada: dry beans. Colombia: baby food and baby nectars; long life milk.

Commodities: Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Grains, Soybean, Yellow and white corn.

Petroleum products: crude oil, jet fuel, D2 etc.

Other products: cement, fertilizers (urea), metals (scrap)

Brazil: coconut products; guava, mango, banana paste; honey; sugar; milk: powder, condensed, evaporated; coffee; soft drinks; tropical nectars & juices; cookies; candies; grains; jellies; marmalade; jams. China: cod; juices; tomato paste; mushrooms; can peaches; canned foods. Chile: frozen vegetables. Turkey: honey; dry beans. Malaysia: edible oil; margarine. Tunisia: olive oil. Egypt: olives; jams; juices. Vietnam: rice; black pepper; whole hot chilies; desiccated coconut; canned foods; green Arabic coffee.

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