Jinfeilong Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.

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Li Village Development Zone Shuikou Town
Kaiping City
Guangdong 529000

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Company Description

To: whom it may concern

Dear Sir,

We get your company information from internet
yellow pages. So we take the liberty to introduce ourselves and hope that we can do some business in the near future.
1. L
et's introduce ourselves first. We are a manufacturer & exporter, who locates in Kaiping city, Guangdong, China. We specialize in plumbing products.
2. Following is our main products line: basin mixer, bath mixer, sink mixer, shower mixer, sink tap,
basin tap, washing machine tap, bib tap, bib cock, angle valve, waste, towel rack, shower set, liquid utensil and etc.
3. C
ustomer's design is welcome. And we will never sell customer's design to other persons.
4. We have already got ISO9001 cert
ificate. We are able to offer you a very competitive price and an acceptable quality.
5. We can effect shipment on time as
per your request.
6. Sample & quotation can be offered upon receipt your further enquiry.
7. Following is our current c
ontact information:
Factory name: Jinfeilong Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.
Address: Li Village Development Zone,
sp;     Shuikou Town, Kaiping City,
       Guangdong, China
Tel: 86-7
Fax: 86-750-3060850
E-mail: jinfeilongsa sohu.com, jinfeilong hotmail.com
Website: http://jinfeilongsa.5
8. If you are interested, please kindly let us have your further contact information. So that we can send our color b
rochure to your office for your reference.
9. In our factory, no problems, only solutions.

Looking forward to hea
ring from you very soon.

Thank you & Best Regards

Michael Yuen / Sales Manager
Jinfeilong Sanitaryware
Co., Ltd.
Li Village Development Zone,
Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong, China
Tel: 86-750-3394459
Fax: 86
E-mail: jinfeilongsa sohu.com
Website: http://jinfeilongsa.51.net

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