Cathay Advanced Materials Limited

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B6208 Jinbao Chuangye Jiayuan
Zhongkai High Technology Development Zone
516006 .

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Company Description

Cathay Advanced Materials Limited is supplying sputtering target (Metal, Oxide, Alloy, Boride, Carbide, Nitride, Fluoride, Silicide, Sulfide), high purity Rare Earth and Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) to customers in industries, materials dealers, university and research institutes on cost-effective basis.

SPUTTERING TARGET: Serve as the raw materials for the sputter deposition of a variety of thin films and coatings used in the microelectronic, flat panel display, photovoltaic, optical glass coating, and other industries, the core process technologies used in coating material and target manufacturing include:

casting (vacuum or atmospheric), rolling, forging (hot / cold), pressing (cold, hot, uniaxial or isotropic), sintering, spraying (plasma, wire). CAM runs all these process technologies, including cutting, milling, sawing, grinding, etc.

1. ) Oxide sputtering target:

La2O3, CeO2, Nd2O3, Sm2O3, Eu2O3, Gd2O3, Tb4O7, Dy2O3, Ho2O3, Er2O3, Tm2O3, Yb2O3, Lu2O3, Sc2O3, Y2O3, Ta2O5, Nb2O5, Ga2O3, V2O5, ZrO2 doped with Ti, WO3, WO2. 9, HfO2, MgO, Al2O3, Indium Tin Oxide, ITO (In2O3-SnO2), ZnO, Al2O3 doped ZnO (AZO), IZO (Indium Zinc Oxide, 90 wt% In2O3 / 10 wt% ZnO), Ga2O3 doped ZnO (GZO), IGZO, La0. 67Sr0. 33MnO3 (LSMO), ZrO2-Y2O3 stabilized (YSZ), YBCO, ZrO2+Ti, ZrO2+Zr, ZrO2+SiO2, Bi2O3, Cr2O3, MoO, MoO3, NiO, SiO, Cr-SiO, SiO2, TiO, TiO2, TiO2-Nb2O5, Ti2O3, Ti3O5, CuO/Al2O3, Sb2O3, BaO, BaTiO3, CaO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4, PbO, PbTiO3, PbZrO3, LiNbO3, SrO, SrTiO3, SrZrO3, SrBaTiO3, PZT (Plumbum Zirconate Titanate), SrRuO3, LaNiO3, InGaZnO, CuInO2, LaAl2O3.

2. ) (Boride, Carbide, Nitride, Fluoride, Silicide, Sulfide) sputtering target

LaB6, ZrB2, CrB2, TiB2, HfB2, Mo2B5, TaB2, NbB2, W2B, WB, VB2

TiC, SiC, WC, WC-Co, WC-Ni, B4C, TaC, ZrC, Cr3C2, HfC, Mo2C, VC

Si3N4, AlN, BN, BN/SiC mixture, HfN, TaN, NbN, ZrN, TiN, VN

LaF3, CeF3, NdF3, YF3, NaF, KF, BaF2, AlF3, LiF, CaF2, SrF3, SrF2, MgF2

CoSi2, Mo5Si3, MoSi2, Ta5Si3, TaSi2, Nb5Si3, NbSi2, CrSi2, Cr3Si, HfSi2, TiSi2, Ti5Si3, ZrSi2, WSi2, VSi2, V3Si, NiSi,

CdS, ZnS, ZnS: Mn, In2S3, Sb2S3, PbS, MoS2, TaS2, WS2

3. ) Metal sputtering target:

Silver, Ag, Iridium, Ir, Ruthenium, Ru, Rhenium, Re, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Sc, Y, Silicon, Si, Tellurium, Te, Bismuth, Bi, Tin, Sn, Zinc, Zn, Sulphur, S, Graphite, C, Boron, B, Lead, Pb, Antimony, Sb, Chromium, Cr, Cobalt, Co, Aluminum, Al, Nickel, Ni, Titanium, Ti, Tungsten, W, Molybdenum, Mo, Tantalum, Ta, Niobium, Nb, Zirconium, Zr, Hafnium, Hf, Vanadium, V, Germanium, Ge, Indium In, Copper, Cu, Iron, Fe, Manganese, Mn, Magnesium, Mg.

4. ) Alloy sputtering target:

Cr-Al, Co-Mn-Ge, Mg-Sm, Al-Sm, Mg-Nd, Mg-Nd-Zr-Y, Mg-Sc, Mg-Zr, Al-Nd, Mg-Gd, Al-Gd, Mg-Dy, Al-Dy, Al-Sc, Mg-Ca, Al-Ca, Mg-Y, Al-Y, NiYb, Ni2Yb, Ni3Yb, Ni-Yb, LaNi, La-Ni, Co-Ni, V-Ni, Cr-Ni, Ti-Ni, Fe-Ni, Co-Ni-Cr, Co-Cr-Ta, Ho-Cu, Ce-Cu, Ce-Ag, Nd-Ag, Fe50Mn50, Ni81Fe19, Ce-Gd, Sm-Fe, Sm-Co, Sm-Zr, Gd-Fe, Gd-Tb, Fe-Hf, HfFe, Tb-Fe, Dy-Fe, Dy-Co, Gd-Fe, Gd-Fe-Co, Dy-Fe-Co, Tb-Fe-Co, Nd-Fe-Co, Nb-Zr, Zr-Al, Al-Ta, Al-V, Al-Mo, Al-Si, Al-Cu, Al-Si-Cu, Al-Ti, Al-Ag, Al-Mg, Al-Mg-Si, Al-Si-Cu, Zn-Al, Ce-Gd, Ce-Sm, CoZr, CoCr, CoNi, Co-Fe, FeCoB, CoTaZr, CoNbZr, CoCrMo, CrV, CrB, CrSi, Cr-Cu, In-Sb, InAs, InP, InSn, MnFe, MnNi, NdDyFeCo, Ni-Cr, Ni-Mn, Ni-Cr-Si, Ni-Cr-Fe, Ni-Fe, Ni-Ti, Ni-V, NiV, Ni-Al, TbGdFeCo, TiAl, Ti-Si, Ti-Al, Ti-Al-Y, Ti-Al-V, Ti-Ni, Ti-Zr, TiSi2, W-Ti, W-Si, V-Al, Zr-Ti, Zr-Ni, Zr-Nb, Zr-Al, Zr-Cu, Zr-Y, Y-Zr-Mg, Gd-Ti, Gd-Ti-Zr.

LANTHANUM HEXABORIDE (LaB6): used as a high brightness thermionic emission materials because of its low work function, high melting point and high metallic conductivity. LaB6 cathode for Leybold 1104 coating machines for precision optical coating is our advantage.

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