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Oppt: Ashraf Plaza
Namak Mandi Peshawar NWFP 25000

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Company Description

We are established in 1951 and are importing tires and rubber waste from more then half century, it is our family business.

We are one of the major whole sellers in our Province; even we manufacture sub standard shoes
for poor Afghanistan people and our Frontier Province people from bagomatic bladders. We have our own factory to produce Plastic material and even we have four factories of shoes manufacturing in our town.

Moreover, our company president (Mr.
Jan Muhammad) is also a president of a SARHAD RUBBER SCRAP TRADE GROUP on provincial level from more then 25 years and rubber Trade Group containing more then 500 companies. As well as we are one of the oldest key members of the SARHAD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRIES.

We are professionals and we have very good reputation in our market. We are one of the biggest PET
collector in our province and we are the only one exporter of Plastic waste in our province, that is why we are able to supply big quantities of different plastic wastes.We are also 2nd biggest PC supplier in Pakistan.

We are the largest importe
r of used bagomatic bladders from 1951, We have done business with China many times of tires waste business, As well as we are doing Import with USA, Europe, China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Japan.  
r>Our major import items are used bagomatic bladders, used tires, Retread tyres, Artificial leather stock lots, Pure leather stock lots, Leather scrap, and used industrial sewing machines and used Japanese auto parts.

Last year we have started e
xport of Plastic waste and got very good coverage in short time in plastic market. We are currently exporting to HK and buyers from UK, Slovakia and HK. We are also dealing in Carpets & Rugs in our local market such as Persian and Afghan Carpets; we have also our own one factory of hand knotted carpets in our town, which was established in 2004.

Textile wastes and cotto
n wastes supply is on the way.

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