Therapy Information & Communication System Inc.

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4F Wonjin Bldg.
1344-12 Seocho-dong Seocho-gu Seoul

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Company Description

If you want use VoIP (Skype /SkyVeo) applications anywhere...
" Unlimited communication All-In-
One device"

skyLark is unified USB hub, USB storage and USB audio at one device. As this is the intelligent device, i
t is possible to use VoIP function wherever has PC and connected internet.

** Product Features

* Skype star
TA-100 is adjusted with Skype VoIP perpectly. It is possible to Skype program from TA-100's portable disk when you are tr
ying to use other place.

* Recording
Skype users can always record a phone calling by wav format. Also, it is poss
ible to search/delete/save with several of conditions.

* Skyveo
It supports 1:1 video chat and 1:n video conferen
ce (premium service). Also, it supports to share documents / whiteboard in video conference. please refer to for detailed information.

* Auto run
You just need to connect skyLark TA-100 to USB port simply, then, PC will run
program automatically. It is possible to change 'auto run function' with disable

* Full duplex sound card tuned for
VoIP communication
It allows you to continue using the default sound card in your computer for all your music and other per
sonal audio requirements. Also, when receiving request has been occurred, the device will be ringing to user, and you can have a phone call to use ear-set with high voice quality.

* USB 2.0 drive (128MB/256MB/512MB)
Mobile, easy-to-use and s
ecure, the skyLark TA-100 USB 2.0 drive makes transporting, sharing data and allow applications to conveniently launch and run directly from USB drive easier than ever. TA-100 is a flash memory storage device with USB 2.0 high-speed.

* High-spee
d USB 2.0 hub

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