Shenzhen Tuan Development Co., Ltd.

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6 Block A
WenJin Plaza
WenJin Rd.

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Company Description

Shenzhen Tuan Development Co., Ltd.- Manufacturer of novelty electronic gifts and promotional items, our factory located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier exporter wholesaler in China. Our chinese manufactory produce and supply promotion gifts item, Premium gift items. HCG supply and whohlesale the most popular electronic products in China. We are the origianl and first supplier and wholesaler of many products, Such as: original Eternity Flashlight, original USB band, lanyard USB flash drive, USB lamps, and etc.

The main products line which we supply and exp ort as following:

1. Forever flashlight/ eternity flashlight: hand shaking power, no need of batteries eternity flashlight , self-power dynamo torch with cellphone charger, LED shakelight, solar flashlight and other LED lights.

2. Medicine timer box: counterdown digital pill reminder box, multi-alarm medicine timer, pill alarm timer holder, 8groups alarm madication timer.

3. USB Flash disk, USB memory drive: USB band, USB silicone wrist band, silicone flash drive, dilicone waterproof memory disk, Lanyard Flash Drive- Lanyard USB Disk, data band, flash band, memory band, USB wristband.

4. Computer peripheral prod ucts, USB items: USB lamps, CCFL USB power lamp, CCFL USB lighting, CCFL USB desk lamp, USB fans, USB desk fan, USB LED light, USB LED lamp, USB lamp and USB fan 2in1.

5. Mini speaker for MP3/MP4/iPOD: MP3 mini sound boxes, mini speakers for portable MP4 Player, Mini Speaker for iPod, iPod Portable Speaker, USB power portable speaker, portable mini speakers for MP3/MP4/iPOD/cellphone.

6. SIM card backup device: can reader, backup, restore the phone list of the SIM card.

7. other novelty elec tronic products and promotional items. Such as pedomter, step counter, calculator, calendar, digital clock, radio pen, etc.


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