Geodesic Information Systems Ltd.

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B-3 Lunic Industries
MIDC Cross Road 6
Mumbai Maharashtra 400093

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Company Description

Geodesic Mundu allows you to create and distribute a company-wide buddy list, organized by department or location, to all your employees, letting them know at a glance, and without having to calculate time zone differences, who in the company is online and available to communicate.

User specific information is the latest feature to show up in
IM clients. Users of Geodesic Mundu can have stock quotes, weather, sports scores, and news automatically piped in to their IM frame window. You can even stay connected with corporate news and announcements and also browse web sites by clicking on embedded links in the IM frame.

Geodesic Mundu allows users to include graphics and embed links in messages. Alerts and not
ifications for reports and announcements can be set up for regular information push to specific groups and individuals.
Geodesic Mundu server could also be leveraged for e-commerce applications, thereby allowing corporate users usin
g a Web browser to initiate an interactive session with a customer service representative or receive alerts and notifications on all those important bids and auctions .

Geodesic's "bazaar" provides with the most comprehensive B2B portal solution
to "Internet B2B market B2B Architects (online facilitators that connect buyers and sellers via the Internet or a Virtual Private Network)" to entire leverage this incredible potential. The "Bazaar - B2B Portal Solution 1.0 - automates the business process for fastest time-to-market".
The "bazaar" portal engine for the "Internet B2B market B2B Architects r
epresents a complete phase in the development of a collaborative, commerce-enabled community that will consolidate the marketing and promotional power of industries.

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