Hongkong and Shanghai Total Co., Ltd.

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United StatesUnited States
R. 502 No. 70
Lane 888
Laiting South Road
China[Zip/Postal Code:]

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Company Description

Hongkong and Shanghai Total Co., Ltd. is specialized in: Cable Assemblies: cable tie, stainless steel cable ties, cable gland, brass cable gland, blind cover, cable clip, nail clip, conduits, wiring ducts, cable terminals, lugs, cable marker, expansion nail, cable connector, wire connector, cable clamp, tie mount, spiral wrapping band, terminal block.

Low-voltage Apparatus: circuit breaker, isolator, isolating switch, distribution box, contactor. British switch, UK switch, wall switch. motor starter. thermal overload relay.

Industrial Automation: relay, time relay, solid state relay, PCB relay, general purpose relay, electronic timing relay, power relay, relay sockets. sensor, proximity sensor, proximity switch, inductive sensor, capacitive proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor, photoelectric switch, photo sensor, reed sensor, linear position sensor, linear sensor, hall effect sensor, hall sensor, mirror reflector, area sensor, light curtains, safety light grid, screen sensor, switching power supply, DC power supply, push button switch, programmable timing switch, counter, temperature controller, digital panel meter. electromagnet, solenoid, weft detector.

Measurement and Meter: multimeter, clamp meter, digital multimeter, analog multimeter, anemometer, dew point meter, dewpoint meter, tachometer, moisture tester, moisture meter, humidity meter, light meter, lux meter, sound level meter, stroboscope, thickness gauge, thickness tester, thermometer, temperature meter, megohmmeter, vibration meter, range finder, distance meter, surface resistance tester, process calibrator, metal detector, gas detector, voltage detector, EMF meter, electronic scale, tire pressure gauge, shore hardness tester. signal generator, bench top meter, function generator, oscilloscope, curve tracer, withstand voltage and current tester, insulation resistance tester, LCR meter, withstand voltage tester, inductance meter, ground bund meter, impedance meter, electrolytic capacitor leakage current meter, DC low-ohm meter, capacitance meter, spectrum analyzer, frequency counter.

Its subsidary company Total-cn Tools Co., Ltd. is producing cutting tools of drills, drill bit, twist drill, taps, taps and die, screw tap, rotary files, end mills, step drill, hammer drill bit, masonry drill, auger bit, wood drill, spade bit, router bit, forstner bit, hole saw, diamond core drill and bar chairs, bar stool chair, bar table. Please check our website or here with company OFFER LIST to find them.

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