Fuzhou Guanden Plumbing Co., Ltd.

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No. 251
Fuxin East Road
Fuxing Investment Zone
Gushan Fuzhou
Fujian .[Zip/Postal Code:3500014]

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Company Description

Foochow preceded step on and defend bath Manufacturing Co., Ltd is by Taiwan getting clear industrial Limited Company Defend bath undertaking department in what Foochow establish on 1998, in order to produce and manage top-grade to defend the ink dim utensil of the bath, The valve, the pipeline is connected and the fire-fighting equipment is the main fact.

In the face of the scientific and technological era at a tremendous pace, fast changing, the innovation of the products changes with each passing day too, Foochow preceded step on and defend bath Manufacturing Co., Ltd follow and take consumer as the direction the aim of" selling high-quality product" all the time, Inherit Taiwan getting clear to defend bath device fabrication and experience that research and develop these decades such as Company not merely, And also with original to sample, outstanding, leader prevail, top design, high-quality life, durable in use for goal of researching and develop. Invest and down a huge sum of money introduce world most advanced automatic production equipment, a complete set of automatic checkout equipment in producing and research and develop, And computer assist system of designing, make every effort and make products beautiful to accomplish the most perfect combination with function, It is most novel to produce the design, the best products of modelling and function. So it is not only on sale throughout the whole world that Foochow precededs and steps on the products which defends bath Manufacturing Co., Ltd in short a few years, And it create brand it"s like more more(SDODO)" to be also definite industry deeply.

In the future, we will serve customers with first-class service, advanced science and technology, remarkable quality and price which is imbued with the competitiveness as before, Let and use and" like more more( SDODO)" and defend bath customer of products, happy event many the whole family have.

Taiwan is so clear that industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 1979, Company's capital volume had already been up to new Taiwan dollar of 100 million yuan by 1989, the company, in order to produce the fire-fighting equipment, Defend bath water dim utensil while being all kinds of, valve and pipeline connect for main fact. Protected authentication through the international product of ISO9002 in 1996, won the straight word mark in December of the same year; Multiple products obtained American UL in 1997. FM products authentication.

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