Crestwaterider Co., Ltd.

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Company Description

We developed the Waterider, the first amphibious bicycle of leisure products,
with opti
mized function of the tested safety and anti-salt nature in itself
through a lot of failure and endeavor.

With th
e increased income level, marine sports is obviously very high quality
equipment for the needs of water sports, however, i
t is difficult to manage
the equipment in private all the time.

In view of taking the needs of operation skill exp
erienced equipment for the
marine sports in these days, we have been presenting the Waterider on the
market i
n order to use everyone without special experience.

It is designed to attach pontoon and propeller to existing bicycle
on the water
and detach from it in order to ride restricted on land.

It is product intended to ride freely on the
sea, river, and mountain by the
power of pedal and to enjoy the speed in the water as well as in land. To make use
f bicycle in non-power condition basically by the extending available range of
product in order to use the previous regula
r bicycle for the amphibious usage.

We are willing to do our best to improve nation health and sports culture spread<
br>out for making popularity of water sports widely and to maximize efficiency of
bicycle using by the. Waterider

Great merit is the fact that everybody can assemble and dismantle the Waterider
in five(5) minutes without
any special using tools.

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