Palm International Inc.

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kangnamgu Halla classic B/D 1806 kangnamgu Seoul 135-080

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Company Description

Palm International Inc. is the total apparel fashion company in Korea. Specially we have a strong point for knit, casual jean, women's fashoinable apparel. We have a very experienced designers who has been worked Korean famous apparel company such as Daehyun, samsung, hanil etc. We can guaranty our products at 100% perfectly. That means we have a pride of goods. If you have a interest in pretty knit, formal women's apparel, golf wear, looking nice jean etc. please contact us as below contact point.

General Manager Charles Lee : [email protected]
Chief Desinger : [email protected]

l. no : 82-2-565-4644
fax. no : 82-2-565-4773

If you have a interest in it, we can send a sample
as you wish a
nd want. And as we said, because we are able to design competitive garment, person who need it, please let us know. we will try to satisfy you fully.



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