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United StatesUnited States
1661 16th Ave. SW Naples FL 34117 USA

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Company Description

We act as Independent Distributor of MPG-Caps, a revolutionary new solid fuel treatment that is an excellent fuel dispersant, combustion improver and mileage enhancer.
This product increase the life of valves, spark plugs
and glow plugs, inhibit formation of unwanted residues, reduce carbon build up and eliminate after run.
Composed of 100% ac
tive ingredients with no diluents or fillers, are safe to use and handle.
The proprietary active ingredients break the fuel
down to its molecular level so that it is presented to the combustion chamber in a much finer mist.  This creates a more efficient burn which increases power, increases gas mileage, saves money and nearly eliminates all harmful exhaust emissions.

EPA Registered for use in gasoline and diesel powered engines (EPA #201220001)

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