UPI-Water Co., Ltd.

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1576-6 Seocho-dong
Seocho-gu Seoul 464-894

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Company Description

As a specialized water treatment enterprise, we have been developing cutting-edge water treatment technologies since 1979. Giving the supply of clean drinking water and the preservation of the clean environment the top priority, we have been committed to improving water treatment technologies. To learn more advanced technologies, a group of our experts were once dispatched to leading countries.
We are keen to applying advanced membrane technologies to our sophisticated w
astewater treatment system, wastewater recycling system and manufacturing & installation of deionizer systems. Membrane is praised as new chemical engineering material of the environment business in the 21st.

In addition to the high-performing f
iltration systems for various pollutants and organic matters with the application of the ultra filtration method, we are offering drinking water systems for large restaurants and factories, and providing water treatment system for desalinization, apartment complexes, swimming pools, saunas and public bathrooms based on cumulative experience and expertise. We are the best water treatment service provider in Korea in name and substance.

We are delighted to introduce our company and wish your con
tinuous advice and support.

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