TCE Inc.,

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974 Blizzard Raod Mississauga Ontario L5V 1T1

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Company Description

We are one of the biggest exporter of Silicon Metal of various grades and other non-ferrous metals and a number of Chemicals including inorganic and organic chemicals. The product range in cellulose is cellulose and its derivatives, organic solvents, paints and chemical linters.

More details on the products which fall within the range of <
br>our business scope are as under:

Part I (Si/Mg)

Silicon Metals (various grades) such as 985, 553,441, 4405
, 331, 3305, 3303,
2203,2202, 1101
Magnesium Ingots/ Magnesium Alloy Ingots / Magnesium Anode etc.
As we have our
own Si/Mg metal plants so there will no problem for supply,  consistently even if Si/Mg market gets into great brisk situation.

Part II

Chemicals products (Metal Oxides / Sulphate / Chloride / Carbonate /
hydroxide and po
Metal Powder: Silicon / Magnesium
Metal Oxides: Cobalt / Nickel /Chrome / Titanium / Molybdenum / Zinc /
nganese / Cerium / Iron / Cadmium/
Zirconum / Phosphorous / Praseodymium Oxide etc.
Metal Sulphate: Cobalt /Nickel Sulp
hate etc.
Metal Chloride: Cobalt / Nickel / Zinc / Ammonium / Barium Chloride etc.
Metal Carbonate:Cobalt / Cadmium / B
arium / Disodium Carbonate etc.
Metal Hydroxide:Cobalt hydroxide etc.

Part III
Others: Sodium / Potassium / Ma
gnesium / Stannum / Ammonium salt etc.

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