Yonwoo Pneumatic Co., Ltd

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1 NA 602 HO
1253-1 Jungwang-Dong
Shiung-Si Gyeonggi-do 429-450

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Korea Near Suigen

Company Description

YPC is one of  the leading manufacturers of solenoid valves in the world.
For the pu
rpose of producing YPC products of highest level of precision and reliability, YPC
implements the PPM quality assurance sy
stem integrated with the ERR automation system.

YPC  solenoid valves are designed and constructed with such
exceptional engineering
specifications that maximum pressure of 10 bars is guaranteed, and the valve   life expe
ctancy is over 10 million cycles under normal conditions.

Also, the leakage tolerance for YPC solenoid valves is less
than 0.5 cc per minute.

Besides, the selective automated assembly processes ensure that the defective rate for YPC sol
enoid valves is merely 0.1% or less.

More importantly, YPC uses only the solenoid coils that are commonly found in the
leading solenoid valves so as to maintain the inter-operability with respect to other leading solenoid valves.

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