Josef Financial Services

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263 Tresser Blvd New Jercy USA

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Company Description

Dear Importers & Exporters,

We are please to introduce ourselves as trade financer.
br>If you are willing to import any item mentioned below, and you are not able to open sight L/c to your supplier.

you can open usance  L/c. to us for 90 days, 180 days, 365 days and we will open sight L/c to your supplier on very nominal charges.

We can open L/c for any big amount for any above mentioned period.

Here is a non-exhaustive
list of products / goods we usually list for financing with our clients such as:

1.   Agricultural products
(palm oils and palm products, tea, coffebean, cocoa bean, peppers, natural rubber, etc)
2. .Forestry (timbers, plywood and
3. .Ferrous (steel long products & base materials)
4. .Grains (wheat, flour, sugar, corn, rice, soybean, etc)r>5. .Fertilisers (nitrogen, phosphate & potash)
6. .Energy (oil, petroleum & gas)
7. .Minerals (steam coal, iron ore,
iron sand, tin, manganese, etc)
8. .Petrochemicals
9. .Chemicals
10. Semi capital goods
11. Plants and equipmen
12. Motor vehicles and related parts
14. Construction machineries
15. Building materials
16. Foods and bever
17. Alcohol & spirits
18. Fisheries
19. Electrical appliances
20. Fabrics and textiles
21. Other prod
22. Cottons
23. Cranes
24. Elevators
25. Industrial plants
26. Medical equipments

If you requ
ire our services and can open Usance L/c for any of above mentioned period.

Then please contact us with full details
of your requirements, amount, item, period etc.

We will send you our company profile upon hearing from you.


elvice underscore josef at yahoo dot com

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