Texen Inc.

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233-1 Eunbong-ri
Yoju-gun Gyeonggi-do 469-881

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Company Description

As a company devoted to leading the 21st century, Texen Inc. has been committed to only one item - textiles - since it was first established in 1979. The company has developed products to maximize the advantages of practical synthetic fur, which have been widely used in a variety of fields.

Texen is a distinguished Hi-Pile company notable as
the oldest firm of its kind in Korea. Based on innovative ideas and technology, the company has made great success with its products of high value-added merit, such as ADD, Mogul, Mo-Hair, and Snow-Mink. Thanks to exacting independent research and development, Texen has also developed the Snail and Design-Cut models in the last two years, which have proven to be the two most popular products of late.

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In 1997
Texen built 'Qingdao Haejoong Synthetic Fur Ltd.' in Qingdao, China, and in 2000, it established Texen Venture Capital Inc. and acquired Texen System Inc. At the same time, it has continuously invested in future-oriented industries.

Texen will
take a leap forward through your sustained encouragement and affection.
Thank you very much.

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