AngioLab Inc.

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439-6 Doma 2-dong
Seo-gu Daejeon 302-735

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Company Description

AngioLab, founded in 1999, is a biotechnology company developing angiogenesis inhibitors and stimulators.  AngioLab's team has extensive experience in angiogenesis research and has in vitro and in vivo assay systems for angiogenesis.
The company concentrates on screening anti-angiogenic materials from various sources and has valuable ca
ndidates including herbal extracts, synthetic organic compounds, and peptide/ proteins. AngioLab has pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compositions with several anti-angiogenic candidates.

The company filed more than 20 domestic and international
patents that are pending for the use of these candidates as angiogenesis inhibitors, and has several korean patents registered.
AngioLab plans to develop nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compositions of candidates to clinical phase by establishing
partnership with companies or licensing out patents to global partners for further development and international marketing. AngioLab believes that these candidates hold great promise as anti-angiogenic agents to treat or prevent various angiogenesis-dependent diseases.

AngioLab produces and supplies angiogenesis-related proteins such as MMPs, TIMP-2, and angiogenic fact
ors for research purpose. The company also provides in vitro and in vivo assay service for measuring angiogenesis and metastasis and is undertaking contract research with domestic and foreign research institutes.

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