Dooin Co.,Ltd

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MbyN Bldg 16-6
Soonae-Dong Bundang-Gu
Sungnam-City Gyeonggi-do 463-825

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Company Description

Dooin Electronics Co.,LTD's New Name, MbyN Inc.!

MbyN is at the forefront of the visualiza
tion technology in the multimedia industry. The company has accumulated key technologies and know-how in the computer based digital video and audio for the various OS platforms including Windows95/98, WindowsNT, and Macintosh.

The company is no
w facing the big burst of DVD market worldwide, where the company has been working and preparing for many years for the right moment of business and success.

Management Philosophy The crucial force leading the enterprises of the future is one's
insight and argument. Although it may be impossible for a mere individual to fathom and foresee the volatile consumer market patterns and the current of the times, if each person in an organization opens up the mind and gather the wisdom to work as one, this impossibility becomes possible.

This bond among the members arises from the 'Respect', the foundation that draw
s together the minds of the many into one. To consider for others and respect one another is the basis of the 'Respect', which is the invisible axle of MbyN.

Enterprises seek profit by nature. However, we believe that our ultimate goal should n
ot rest in profit, but rather in the fulfillment of the 'Respect'. Since its inception, MbyN has strove towards becoming a world class enterprise as it puts its foundation in the 'Respect'.

We firmly believe that MbyN will become an enterprise
that our nation will be proud of, as much as it will be beneficial to the world.

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