Shanghai White Elephant & Swan Battery (SWSBC) Co., Ltd.

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United StatesUnited States
No.550 Jumne Road
Shanghai[Zip/Postal Code:200023]

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Company Description

Shanghai White Elephant & Swan Battery(SWSBC) Co., Ltd. is a new economic entity of former Shanghai Battery Factory(SBF). Shanghai Soap Group company(SSG) is a biggest investor of SWSBC.

The employ and staffs of SWSBC are nearly 1300. Its main products are divided into seven series of batteries including approximately one hundred varieties of specifications, such as Zinc-Maganese, Zn-Air, Mg-Cu chloride, Cadmium-Nickel, MH-Ni and Lithium Batteries, including varieties of battery accessories such as zinc cylinder, plastic cap, copper cap, thermoplastic tube and copper case. The annual output of batteries is around 500 million pieces.

With abundant funds and advanced technology, SWSBC has 20 assembly lines, of which the R20P and LR6 assembly lines were introduced from Japan, The products of them have become rivals of its similar ones in the international market. The White Elephant brand and Swan Brand LR6 batteries have won the National Quality Product Golden Medal, the dry battery cells of these two brands have also won the Gold Medal in the Beijing International Fair, and have been honored with titles of Shanghai Quality Product and Shanghai Quality Export for many years. SWSBC also has 100 sets of machines producing varieties of battery accessories, of which 3 sets were introduced from abroad. Our company has been approved as an autonomous export enterprise. More than 50 percent of company's products are for export and are ready sellers in more than 40 countries and regions of the world.

With a view of further improving our competitive power and economic actual strength as well as opening up the domestic and oversea market positively, we are persistently making still greater efforts in the cause of promoting the battery industry of our country.

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