Global Mfg Co., Ltd.

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60-69 Gasan-dong Geunchun-gu Seoul 153-023

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Company Description

Since we were established in 1994, Global Mfg Co., Ltd. has been producing and exporting outerwear products to Europe and North America, making our dreams come true based on pursuing growth with our employees and customers on the foundation of a strong faith and a conviction, creative thinking, challenge without a hitch in our future.

Since 1
997, we successfully established and have been extending continuously our production facility in Myanmar, and also have been responding to various requests from the customers around the world. Thus, we laid a foundation for becoming a worldwide company. And as a part of coping with the rapidly changing international trade situation and expanding more business with our customers, we instituted the second production base in Vietnam. Those will continue to meet our goal in our business.

We special
ize in the highest quality outerwear, To achieve this we follow steps: strengthening price competitiveness by setting up new production bases in countries newly entering clothing manufacture, such as Vietnam, to meet advanced countries, and by training regional experts and developing goods to satisfy the needs of buyers.

To meet our goal, which is to grow into one of th
e leading companies in worldwide outerwear business for the 21st century, we will continuously concentrate our energies on our business as we have been doing so far. We will also go forward to get strong confidence and be a respectable company which fulfills its corporate responsibility in the community.

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