Vast Good Korea Corp

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82 - 32 -...
602 Chang Sung Building
127-1 Goi an-dong
Sosa-ku Bucheon Gyeonggi-do

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Company Description

Dear Madam/Sir,

We have developed CCD IC applied USB web cam.
For better picture qual
ity of USB web cam, we allpied CCD IC. Under belows are the merit of our USB web cam.

• Applied
the very first 1/5inch image sensor (CCD type)
- It is the first development with 1/5 inch CCD IC in the world
- It g
uarantees more compact size and high sensitive design and brilliant high quality images

• 4 color 1 set type (to
use complementary color filter)
- It is applied 4 color 1 set type to improve image quality compare to other camera that u
ses 3 color 1 set(RGB type)
- The impression of color is much better than other RGB filter type.

• Applied 4
elements lens
- Generally, other Camera uses single element lens (1 plastic lens).
- But it is applied 4 elements lens
, it gives higher quality optical characteristics and higher sensitive & high quality images.

• Adhere-Anywhere
- Our ideal bracket allows you to attach the USB WEB camera to your monitor, laptop, or any surface that suit
s your needs. It?s small and light enough to be used as a handheld unit, too.
• Wide angle of view
- USB WEB came
ra let you get the picture with a generous angle of view(60?). It will be capture more and communicate better.

Snap family photos, shoot video greetings with the touch of a button
- Combining affordability with a simple design, it wi
ll let you send video images and photos over the Internet as easily as you now send text. Simply plug in the camera, install the easy-to-use software, and press button to record a video or snap a photo.
•Simple to install, easy-to-use, and stro
ng software

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Gino Ahn

Vast Good Korea Corp.
Tel : 82 32 126 1919
Fax : 82 32 341 2512
Moblie : 82 1
7 303 4632
e-mail : [email protected]

Thank y

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