Dongsin Precision Co., Ltd.

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92 Gaya-ri
Jinryang-up Gyeongsan-si
Gyeongsangbuk-do 712-831

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Company Description

Dongsin Precision Co., Ltd. was established in the city of Daegu in 1967, with the goal of producing high quality precision knitting needles. Our company has concentrated on research and development to make the best needle, and in the meantime, we are proud of leaving our mark in the history of textile producing a unique individual manufacturing technology.

However, we know very well that there is no place for us if we and not introduce the newest technology in orde
r to keep pace with the rapid change of skill in the twenty-first century.
We would like to put our stake into consistent r
esearch and development and a majority of our investments into the application of our new technology so that we can meet and exceed the demands of our customer base.

Accomplishing this for our customers we are 100% certain that there will not b
e anyone who will not be completely satisfied with our products and the principles upon which we deliver the finest knitting needles in the world.

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