Luigi Pavone Helium Footwear Co.,Inc.

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United StatesUnited States
P.O.Box 330154 Kahului HI 96733 USA

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Company Description

For more information about Luigi Pavone Shoes please read the points below .

(a) How our m
ovement mechanism sole works, why it is named Sole with Soul ?and why it is different than other footwear soles.

(b) W
hat is a self-replacing helium bladder and what does it do to your feet?

(c) What is the feeling when people wear a sh
oe that offers an adjustable sole.

(d) Why bladder/socket ?ole?technology is considered a health aid, and who built it

(e) Why we think that shoes with an adjustable sole are highly marketable.

(f) What benefits customers get
when they have control over the sole thickness.

(g) What those cans contain, and what it does to the sole (Firmness &
Thickness), why youth call it cool while adults call it a health aid.

(h) What do we mean by customers can adjust the
shoe size. Why & How?

(i) Can salespeople adjust shoe size to custom fit his or her customers while they are inside th
e store?

(j) Why we call that sole technology a Sole with Soul?

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