Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering/ Magnum Group

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PO Box 7670 Auburn CA 94504 USA

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Company Description

Diesel Fuel Purification Systems.
This two-stage fuel treatment system offers

1. Incre
ased power
2. 5% minimum more MPG. Older engines 20% or more.  
3. Decrease black smoke 65%
4. Decrease c
logged fuel filters 100%

Stage 1: The separator is based on surface tension principle and rotational fluid motion know
n as ?Cyclone Separation?

Dieselcraft takes advantage of different surface tension as well as density between fuel an
d contamination and uses a special perforated plate to cause the water and solids to come together in the full hemisphere base. This base has larger surface area than any other units on the market that adds to the performance.

The cleaner fuel e
nters the vortex generator.  The vortex adds centrifugal force to the fluids motion causing more water and solids to fall to the bottom of the unit.

Only clean fuel is drawn out of the unit and into the primary fuel filter. This proces
s continues as long as the engine is operating.

Can be used with diesel fuel, kerosene and gasoline.

Stage 2:
This Strontium Ferrite "Fuel Stabilizers" will decontaminate and stabilize the diesel fuel without the use of chemical additives. PERMANENTLY! Will reduce carbon buildup on pistons and reduces bacteria and mold that commonly grow in diesel fuel.  
Stage 2 is NOT for use with gasoline.

Main Features:
Extend engine life buy reducing fuel related problem
s by 50% or more
Remove 100% of the visible water.
Removes 99% of the solid contaminants larger than 30 microns in your
Works as long as the engine is running.
Requires no spare parts, no maintenance and no filters to change.
uipped with a simple drain to remove water and dirt.
Heavy duty construction with epoxy power coating for harsh environment
Approved by California Air Resources Board #D-559-1
5 year guarantee
Can purchase stage one and stage two separ

Optional alarm to indicate of water contamination and when to drain the purifier.

Optional fuel heatr>

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