E&B Korea Co., Ltd.

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#1606 Hamwha Chemical R & D Center
6 Shinsung-dong Yusung-gu Daejeon

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Company Description

When the surface of the TiO<sup>2</sup> is exposed to the UV lights, negatively charged particles-electrons-are released, just as the same way as the electron released when sunlight hits the surface of the silicon solar power cells.
Simultaneously, positively charged holes are formed on the surface of the thin film at the mark that a e
lectron released.

Photocatalytic chemical reactions occuring on the surface of semiconductor materials depend on the p
rocess, which starts from the absorption fo light and results in attainment of photo-generated electrons and holes in the surface.

The illuminated semiconductor surface is regarded as a producer of hydroxyl radicals (e.g. h+ +OH-OH). These and o
ther highly oxidizing initial products of this indirect photochemical reaction go on to attack oxidizable contaminants.

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