Kodenshi Korea Corp.

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513-5 Eoyang-dong Iksan-si Jeollabuk-do 570-210

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Company Description

Nothing in the universe is faster than "Light"
Light is receiving widespread attention in the b
usiness world as one of the technologies which has great future potential,second only to semiconductor electronics like VLSls and microprocessors. As modern-day optoelectronic technologies become more and more integrated with semiconductor electronics,they are finding a broader variety of applications in areas such as data communications, measurement controls,processing, medical treatments, energy production and space technology.

These applications are expected to expand even more in the future
. Since KODENSHI was founded in 1980,it has developed a unique leading position in the field of optoelectronics as a special manufacturer of photo semiconductors. This has earned the company an excellent reputation in various quarters. At present,KODENSHI has created a total manufacturing system,in which the KODENSHI group carries out all stages of the design and development of photo semiconductors, wafer processing, element packaging and assembly.

We are able to meet demands for low cost, sho
rt lead times and custom products, while maintanining high quality and reliability KODENSHI has also developed a system for an international division of labor,in which the development and production of products is carried out in various Southeast Asia countries,including Japan. We have succeeded in creating a world-class supply system with a responsive organization. In fast-evolving societies,the speed of light is an important factor, KODENSHI will continue to be a guiding light in the new age of optoelectronics.

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