Xiamen Da Shun Corporations

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Xiamen Fujian
[Zip/Postal Code:361006]

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Company Description

Founded on Aug. 8, 1998 and in the charge of Director and G-manager Ke Hui Cong Dashun Corporations take Dashun Logistics Co. as their bone makeup. Through the great efforts of all staff, the business scale has been enlarging continuously and they have total registered capital of over 30 million, modern office building of 2, 000 sqms and near 30, 000 sqms of large maintaining center and storehouse. With the development of business scale, Dashun leadership pays much attention to inner management with the mode of collectivization and put up common values as well as the corporations mission of "Honesty, Practice, Efficiency and High Quality". Emphasizing the management way of "talents first & virtues guide corporates", the leadership renews its management ideas constantly and advocates a frame of study inside by carrying on diversified training to urge the improvement of middle-class managers and staffs. Thus, the companies improve their overall qualities. Combined with the corporations characteristics, they also made their common moral standards, behavioural norms and a whole set of applicable efficient management systems, which help staffs to obey and adjust themselves and form powerful cohesiveness and affinity.

Now, they employ a staff of over 200, among them 70% have received the education of junior college or above. Plus, they have a bone group well facilitated with knowledge of modern enterprise operation, modern logistics and international trade.

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