Daone Foods Inc.

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Seocho-dong Seocho-gu Seoul 173-070

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Company Description

Daone Foods Inc. founded in 1992, produces coffee makers and other coffee-brewing equipment under the [Cofman] name.
[Cofman] is a registered brand name of Daone Foods Inc.

We produce coffee-making equipment, wat
er heaters, and hot-plates, whose durability and reliability have built up a solid reputation at home and are winning us new friends abroad.

Beginning in 2002, we have been working to develop coffee making machines with a wide range of capaciti
es and functions through cooperation with [Zojirushi].

By means of a thermos dispensing pot connected to the coffee m
achine, coffee can be kept at a constant temperature with no loss of taste or aroma for a long period of time.
The fact th
at the thermos dispensing pot can then be conveniently moved to dispense coffee wherever it is required has earned high ratings on customer satisfaction indices.

In our dedicated coffee-making laboratory, we constantly strive to ensure that the
technical standards of [Cofman] coffee making equipment are second to none worldwide.
We concentrate upon those character
istics of quality(precise infusion temperature, richness of color, consistency of grind and grain size and degree of acidity) that together make for a perfect cup of coffee time and time again.

What makes it all worthwhile to us is that day by
day more and more people are coming to appreciate the subtleties of coffee culture through what we are doing.

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