Jiabao Jiangnan Yongkang Daily Necessity Factory

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No. 312 Qiude Road
Jinhua Zhejiang
[Zip/Postal Code:321300]

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Company Description

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Sales Network:
1. Units which can directly sell the product:
1) Medical Hygiene System: Hospital(B Ultrasonic Room, Operation Room, CT Room), medicine, health care products, nurture workshop.
2) Education System: College and Institute various faculties computer room, laboratory, middle and primary school computer room.
3) Community Control: Community Administrative Committee, remover (obtain information).
4) Traffic System: Civilian Airplane Room, Railway locomotive room, luxurious sleeper coach.
5) Science & Research System: Research Institute, design institute, R&D Centre.
6) IT industry: Various city's website direct sale, production and research unit computer room, workshop visitor reception centre.
7) Finacial System: Bank and computer room, gold warehouse.
8) Entertainment Industry: Large Photo Building, hotel, hotel's massage room, guest room.
9) Production system: Precision apparatus, chip, electrical appliance, etc product production workshop
10) Chemical Industry: Chemical enterprise laboratory, workshop reception centre.

2. Units which can sell on the shelf:
1) Large supermarket and network tip.
2) Large Shop and its subsidiary shop.
3) Common shop and Medium and Small supermarket.
4) Shoe machine product special shop.
5) Indoor Upholstering material special shop.
6) Shoe cover wholesale and retail market.
7) Ttile brick, floor market.

3. Channels which can promote:
1) In city`s elegance shoe shop can lay and trail wear shoe cover dispenser, can cooperate with the shoe shop.
2) By the form of presenting the gifts in city's TV station to enter entertainment program.
3) In city's paper, magazine, publication can do the activities of "soliciting articles", the content takes kin's feeling, friend feeling as majority.
4) Enter into some large decorative material gift channel, can cooperate with famous brand floor, elegance paint, elegance sanitary and heater, elegance lighting ware all can be considered. As the gift of their promotion. (To protect Jiajiale Brand should be considered).
5) Can enter into City's TV Direct Sale Product Market.
6) Network Spreading.

4. Gifts and Welfare Product Unit:
1) Government department: Tax Bureau, Cigarette Bureau, Industrial & Commercial Bureau, Power Supply Bureau, Labor Bureau, Traffic Bureau, Public Security, Procuratorate, Court, Finacial Bureau, Telecommucation Bureau, Hygiene Bureau, etc bureau level departments with good condition
2) School: (The welfare to the teacher) University, Key Middle School, Primary School.
3)Hospital: (The welfare to medical treatment personnel) key hospital.
4) Financial System: Various Banks
5) Insurance System: The gift which the insurance salesman to the large policyholder, the award which the company gives to the salesman.
6) Gift Company.

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